Make Your Own Shoes


Our world is today in the midst of a wonderful technological revolution. The new computer, tablet, and smartphone are definitely changing how people live and how people do their work, for instance, how oneself can design their own shoes. Few decades ago, you need different kinds of pencils, paper, colored pencil, crayons, eraser, and many other things to design your own shoes. Today, all you need is just a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone to make your own shoes and you can do this with your finger. With a computer, you can make your own shoes from scratch or you can build a shoe with famous shoe brands such as ADIDAS, ConverseNIKEPumaReebokVANS, Keds, New Balance and many others. The horizon of design is unlimited, starts now and you will fall in love with it.

Make Your Own Nike Shoes

Have you ever wonder why some people can have their own name etched on their NIKE shoes? Do you know you can actually make your own Nike shoes in any way that you like? Honestly, I didn’t realize I can do this until I went to the Nike Town in Oxford Circus few years ago. I was shocked the moment I walked into the Nike outlet because I have never seen so many unique NIKE shoes in my life. They are all filled with different colors as well as different name and design. I did “WOW” at the moment I walked into the NIKEiD Studio located at second floor. There are hundreds of white colors NIKE shoes hanging on top and those are waiting to be painted whenever there is a customer places his order. There are also a few computers inside the studio where customers are able to use the pre-loaded program to design their own Nike shoes. When I see those beautiful Nike shoes sitting coolly on top of the shoe rack, I could not stop myself from walking to one of the computers and start to make one pair of shoes for myself.

Make Your Own LeBron James Shoes

Walked into Nike stores a few times but couldn’t find a pair of LeBron James shoes that suits your needs? You are not the only one! Many of us couldn’t find the best shoes that we really want. The 2012 and 2013 LeBron James limited edition shoes are nice but sometimes it doesn’t attractive enough for some shoe lovers to go for it. No worry if you are dying for a pair of distinctive shoes because now you can make your own LeBron James shoes with NIKEid Customize Shoes online program. You can put any preferred color to the shoes as well as material for certain parts. Let’s see how you can do it with the steps by steps tutorial below.

Design Your Own Sneakers

Real sneaker lovers have always had a very eclectic sense of fashion in shoe and a pair of golden-fire eyes for distinctive things. A man or a woman is not considered a real shoe collector until they own a pair of inimitable sneakers. An inimitable sneaker means a well designed, unique, and most important no one else has it. The only way to own one is to design the shoe with your own hands. You can design your own sneakers and make yourself look elegant, cute, chic, or in any preferred style. With what we have in our world today, designing a pair of own sneakers is no longer a hard job. Here are the top six sneaker brands in the market and all of them offer an online application for you to customize your own sneakers.

Customize Your Own Basketball Shoes

With a few amazing online applications we have, you can now customize your own basketball shoes to make your day special. It is almost every basketball player’s dream to own a pair of perfect custom basketball shoes because the production is only 1 of 1. It is like every girl’s dream to find the perfect guy. With these online applications, you are allowed to put any color or design to your dream shoes. The factory will then build the shoes based on your design and deliver them to you. Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, or any other brand can be customized within your fingertip. Get ready? All you need is a mouse on your hand.

Design Your Own Flip Flops

The feeling to wear a flip flops is good but you will even feel better if you can design your own flip flops. Flip flops are a kind of typical open-toed shoes that everyone loves to wear especially walking on the beach. “Flip flops” is also a cooler name to call this type of sandals. It has different types of names in different countries. Generally, we also called it slippers, thongs, jandals, slappies, slides, or as simple as sandals. However, it is known as Zori in Japan. Ever since Flip flops became popular in the ‘60s, there are more and more different types of flip flops were introduced in the fashion world. It is simply because a flip flops is easy to wear for any casual occasion. As for the price, flip flops are as cheap as $1 up to a few tens of dollars depending on the quality and brand. Generally, most of the Flip flops available in the market today are made of rubber, leather, foam, suede, or plastic.

Customize Your Own Chacos

Why not customize your own Chacos if you are vacillating on choosing a pair of right Chacos shoes? Ready-made Chacos shoes could have these problems – Right color but inappropriate style; Amazing design but not your preferred color; Right color, right size, and right style but it doesn’t has your size. As a result, design your own pair of Chacos shoes is always a correct thing to do. Since autumn is coming, it is recommended to follow these luscious steps to create one Chacos for you or your loved one as a present.

Design Your Own Keds

Dying for a customized fancy Keds? Can’t find a pair of Keds sneakers that suit the taste of your tongue? Let’s take an hour or two to design your own Keds with a few simple steps. No special computer knowledge required and no particular graphic skills needed. All you need is creativity, inspiration, and originality to make a unique Keds sneaker. Now you have a chance to be an artist and you have to start your work immediately if you want something like what Taylor Swift is wearing. Everything is started with a blank shoe and your thoughts. On your mark, get set, go!

Design Your Own Timberland Shoes

The way to design your own Timberland shoes is a little bit different with how you design your own Converse. Most of the popular Converse sneakers are made of canvas. Only a few sneakers like the Chuck Taylor Premium Leather is made of genuine leather. As for Timberland, most of the well-liked shoe models are made of genuine leather and only a few shoe models are made of other non-leather material. This is because Timberland shoes are targeted towards people who intend to wear them for outdoor activities. Although Timberland is meant for outdoor, there are a group of Timberland supporters who love to wear them for casual purposes. It will be the right decision ever to customize your own Timberland shoes if you are one of the Timberland supporters who wear the shoes for any occasion. The step by step tutorial here would be the tastiest guide ever to lead you to get a unique Timberland you always dream of.

Design Your Own Running Shoes

December is definitely the best month to shop for running shoes because sales are available almost everywhere. Shoe stores often offer clearance sales during year end and retail sales is expected to jump more than what economists predicted last month. There is nothing to worry if you didn’t manage to buy a pair of running shoes during Thanksgiving sale, Black Friday sale, or Cyber Monday sale. This is because there is always a chance to design your own running shoes online. Be it Nike, Adidas, Converse, Puma, Reebok, or Vans, you can always design it in your own way through the internet at anytime you want because they are available 24/7. On the other hand, you can shop in comfort and avoid the crowd in a retail store to grab the best deals. Now this is what you can do during December holiday.

Customize Your Own New Balance Shoes

The biggest fashion trend for 2014 is to wear a pair of customized New Balance shoes. A custom-made New Balance sneaker can be matched with an outrageous fascinator, a casual camo pants, or even a sexy red carpet dress. No matter what kind of occasions you are attending, you will have to customize your own New Balance shoes so that your look can stand out from the crowd. Plenty of online shoe stores allow you to design your own shoes but now New Balance official website has launched an online program where you can create your own New Balance sneakers. You are the designer, you select the style, colors, and materials and you are the customer too. What are you waiting for? Let’s get your computer or smart phone ready and follow these juicy steps to make your own New Balance Sneakers now.

The above are the top 10 most popular ways to design, customize, and make your own shoes. In conclusion, do you think technology helps a lot in designing your own shoes?