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Dying for a customized fancy Keds? Can’t find a pair of Keds sneakers that suit the taste of your tongue? Let’s take an hour or two to design your own Keds with a few simple steps. No special computer knowledge required and no particular graphic skills needed. All you need is creativity, inspiration, and originality to make a unique Keds sneaker. Now you have a chance to be an artist and you have to start your work immediately if you want something like what Taylor Swift is wearing. Everything is started with a blank shoe and your thoughts. On your mark, get set, go!

Step 1: There are only a few websites offering an online application for their users to build their own Keds shoes. However, the one and ONLY recommended by ShoesLiving is always Hit on this direct link to go to the online customisation program to start your work. You will see Taylor Swift sitting with her guitar and wearing Keds shoes. Click on the “create your own – HAPPILY EVER AFTER” to start design your own Keds.

Keds Shoes

Step 2: Select your preferred style to start the design. Keds x Kate Spade New York Champion Mariner Stripe, Taylor Swift’s Champion Metallic Lace, Champion Damask, and Rally Glitter Toe are just a few good choices to put your own design on it. Just like how you design your own Converse, you will see a blank shoe with a color panel beside once you clicked on your preferred style.

Step 3: For those who have never design a pair of Keds before, don’t be afraid of the color panel. Start your design by selecting a part to choose a color or pattern for it. Do it step by step according to upper shoe, upper binding, tongue, tongue binding, outside quarter, inside quarter, heel, insole, insole binding, lining, midsole, top binding, laces, eyelets, stitching, and extra laces. A customized Keds has more options compared to Vans and Nike shoes. This explains why we said you need an hour to two to create a pair of nice Keds shoes. Don’t forget to use the zoom function and 360 degree viewer to view your shoe before placing your order or post it for sale. You can always do a final touch up to make it nicer.

design your own Keds

Unlike other branded shoes, Keds not only allows you to buy your customized shoes but it also allows you to post it to their website and sell it. There are an endless ways to customize a plain Keds shoes and it is all up to how you put your design on it. If you have done one or planning to do one, why not share it out here with the comment function? There are many Keds fans here would love to see your design.

Updated: is no longer offering custom shoes. However, it used to team up with Zazzle to allow their fans to create their own Keds. If Keds’ official website no longer has the online customization program for you, try Zazzle.