Design Your Own Shoes


The rapid advancement of technology has changed the way we live. It was a hard job to design your own shoes in the last few decades but it is no longer just a dream with what we have today. The advancement of technology allows anyone from anywhere to design, customize, and make a pair of inimitable shoes easily. Whether you want to design a pair of shoes with your own brand, or you want to customize one ready made branded shoe such as Converse, ADIDAS, NIKE, Puma, Reebok, VANS, the possibilities are never-ending. Whatever your dream is, the endless possibilities starts here, go for it!

Customize Your Own Jordan Shoes

Perhaps you should customize your own Jordan shoes if you want to walk out and heard some kids from the basketball court shout “Hey! Look at that Jordan shoes, I have never seen one before in any NIKE store out there!” It has been years I heard people around me told me that you can actually go to NIKE store and purchase a pair of customized Jordan shoes. I have never try to buy one for myself until last few days I decided to get myself a unique New Year present – a pair of unique Jordan shoes. There is a NIKE outlet near to where I live in Vineland Avenue Orlando but I did not go to the outlet as I decided to do it online through NIKE portal. Here I would like to share the steps and my personal experience on getting a pair of customized Jordan shoes.

Design Your Own Vans Shoes

The excitement to design your own Vans shoes is as good as doing a bungee jump. It is exciting and it gives you some great memories. As a shoe enthusiast, I always visit Vans official website and try to create a few pairs of special Vans shoes according to my own taste. When the mood is there, I could spend hours sitting in front of my computer just to create a few nice designs although I do not buy them all. When my salary is out at the end of month, I will pick one best design I have done and purchase them. Please trust me, the feeling is totally different with walking into a Vans store and buy a pair of ready-made Vans shoes. Although the ready-made Vans shoes are nice but they are just not my cup of tea after I found out the joy to design an own Vans shoes. Mahatma Gandhi used to say “Satisfaction lies in effort.” Here I am going to share you the steps to design your own Vans shoes according to the colors you like. Well, if you love to have a pair of Vans shoes exclusively created by you, you can place an order through the website and have them delivered to your doorstep within weeks. Here’s how I do it.

Design Your Own Adidas Shoes

Today is a good day, and it is a day where you should design your own Adidas shoes online through the official website. And yes, you can place order according to the design you want and have them delivered to your doorstep within weeks. All you need is inspiration, creativity, and a mind full with colors. At this time, in this age of internet world, you can create your own Adidas shoes easily with just a few clicks in front of your computer. And in the internet world, you can make payment either through PayPal or credit card and buy your desired shoes without the need to go out from your house. If you are just like me with the dream to own a pair of unique Adidas shoes with your own name on it, these steps could help you to get one easily.

Make Your Own NIKE Shoes

Have you ever wonder why some people can have their own name etched on their NIKE shoes? Do you know you can actually make your own Nike shoes in any way that you like? Honestly, I didn’t realize I can do this until I went to the Nike Town in Oxford Circus few years ago. I was shocked the moment I walked into the Nike outlet because I have never seen so many unique NIKE shoes in my life. They are all filled with different colors as well as different name and design. I did “WOW” at the moment I walked into the NIKEiD Studio located at second floor. There are hundreds of white colors NIKE shoes hanging on top and those are waiting to be painted whenever there is a customer places his order. There are also a few computers inside the studio where customers are able to use the pre-loaded program to design their own Nike shoes. When I see those beautiful Nike shoes sitting coolly on top of the shoe rack, I could not stop myself from walking to one of the computers and start to make one pair of shoes for myself.

Design Your Own Converse

It has been 12 days since we welcome the year of 2013. If you haven’t found something interesting thing to do in this year, why not try to design your own Converse shoes online? It is free if you don’t plan to buy it and it is cheap if you plan to buy one for yourself as a new year present. A customized Converse sneaker is starting from just $45 dollars. You are allowed to put your own design on the shoe a few thousand times before you decided to order the customized shoe from Converse store. All you need is creativity and inspiration to create one pair of unique shoes. Here are a few steps and tips on how you can create your own Converse sneaker in a few minutes with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Design Your Own Tennis Shoes

Have you ever spend your entire evening shopping for a pair of unique tennis shoes but couldn’t even get one? Don’t be depressed or unhappy, you can still design your own tennis shoes online through a few famous websites and have them custom made the shoes for you. With less than $200 dollars, you can definitely get a pair of unique tennis shoes you couldn’t find elsewhere. This is because each sections of the shoe you design yourself and that would never be the same with those factory made sneakers sitting on the rack in shopping mall. Here are a few tasty steps where you can design and make your own tennis shoes through a few ways.

Design Your Own Reebook Shoes

The old saying, “Better late than never,” rang particularly true for shoe lovers. It isn’t too late to design your own Reebok shoes now if you have never done this before. Having the perfect pair of Reebok shoes can certainly enhance your personal lifestyle as well as give you a little extra happiness when you wear them out. However, you may not find a pair of shoes with the taste that really suite your tongue although Reebok offers a wide range of shoe styles and available in different designs to choose from. No worries, besides all the choices you can find from Reebok stores, you can always customize a pair of Reebok shoes by choosing your preferred style, colors, and taste. At Reebook online program, it allows you to select any size you want and any colors you love. Here’s how you can create one custom made Reebok shoes. Let’s do it!

Design Your Own High Heels

Want to know how to design your own high heels online? Here are a few steps you can learn online. Get a piece of paper and answer these questions before starting the first step. What kind of high heel type you want to design? You can choose any heel types among Cone, Kitten, Prism, Puppy, Spool or Louis, Stiletto, and Wedge. What are the main colors you want to put on your heels? Do you plan to add on some straps or embellish your desired heels? If you have already got the answers for these questions and plan to make a sexy heel, let’s get the party started!

Design Your Own Wedding Shoes

Dreaming to wear a pair of unique wedding shoes on your special wedding day? Want a pair of shoes that never seen before? Why not design your own wedding shoes? It will be a pair of attractive wedding shoes on your special day. With the advance technology we have today, anyone can just design their own wedding shoes even though they have never done one before. There are many wedding shoe websites allow their users to design wedding shoes through their online program. You can place an order with them if you happy with the design. Generally, it will take about 3-6 weeks for any bridal shop to custom made the shoe you create your own. Besides, there are also a few popular iPhone apps and Android apps allow you to draw your own wedding shoes and put on any colors you want. Let’s see how can you create your own wedding shoes uniquely.

Design Your Own Converse All Stars

It’s February and we definitely love February. Perhaps it is because February is the shortest month? Last month, we shared an article on how to design your own converse and we did receive some feedback from our readers saying they want to know how to design a pair of Converse All Stars. Let’s talk a little bit about All Stars before you start to design one for yourself. It’s all started in 1921 when Chuck Taylor complained the Converse All-Star make him feels sore feet. Converse then offered him a job and since then Taylor’s signature was added to the sneakers. Want to know how comfort it is? Follow the steps below to design one and place your order then you will know.

Customize Your Own Kobe Bryant Shoes

Customizing your own pair of Kobe Bryant shoes is really a good thing to do not just on a boring hot summer day but also on a day when you feel like to buy a pair of new Kobe Bryant shoes. Today, ShoesLiving will show you how to customize your own Kobe Bryant shoes in a few easy steps. These instructions are applicable for all kind of Nike shoes but specially made for Kobe Bryant collections.

Design Your Own Skate Shoes

Hey skate player! It is time to design your own skate shoes! Don’t tell me there are thousands of skate shoes on sale out there because I want a pair of unique skate shoes with my own design on it. Me myself is a skateboard enthusiast, I have been searching for special skate shoes to look cool during skateboarding. Once awhile, ill buy some famous skate shoes especially when my favorite brands release a limited edition skate shoe. Some of my favorite brands are Vans, DVS, DC, Converse, éS, Fallen, Puma, Adio, VOX, Etnies, Osiris, Habitat, Zoo York, Lakai, CCS, and a few more to be mentioned. What are yours? Well, it is not important right now because I am going to share you some ideas on how to design your own skate shoes.

Create Your Own Batman Converse

There’s just something about Batman Converse that makes everyone wants it badly. If you are a hug Batman fan and have been dying to get a pair of custom Batman Converse shoes, today is the right day to create your own one. About three months ago, we shared an article on how to design your own Converse. The article receives many positive feedback from our readers and some of them would like to know how to make their own Batman Converse. Well, Batman is a cult icon, it would be great if you can put your own design on a pair of Converse shoes for kids, toddler, baby, men, or women. Let’s get the party started!

Design Your Own Puma Shoes

No one is able to help if you can’t find a pair of Puma shoes with the taste that suit your tongue. However, you can now design your own Puma shoes using an online application provided by Puma’s official website. Each part of the shoe can be customized. Puma factory will then craft the shoe according to your design and deliver it to your doorstep with a little cost. Now here are some delicious steps to customize your own Puma shoes. It will be super fun if you have never done this before.

There are more than 10 methods to design your own shoes. If you could spend some time to try them all out, there will be more than a pair of beautiful shoes for you.