Ryka Influence Zumba Shoe Review

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Speaking about the best Zumba shoes for Zumba dance, Ryka is often the top brand. Among all Ryka dance shoes, the Ryka Influence is one awesome shoe for Zumba. If you always go to the gym or dance class, you will see many people are wearing the Ryka Influence. Many people are saying this is the best Zumba shoes because it allows a dancer to twist, glide, spin and jump without hurting the knee, heel and arch. In order to understand whether the Ryka Influence Zumba shoe is the right one for you or not, read the in-depth review here to find out more.
Ryka Influence

How The Ryka Influence are Made

The Ryka Influence Zumba shoe is made of a synthetic and mesh upper allowing good ventilation and breathability. Thanks to the dual impact midsole and precise-return insole, this shoe offers good cushioning in the forefoot and heel. With the Flex-foil and direct-fuse support layers, it makes you feel comfort yet gives you the maximum flexibility you need for rapid movements. On top of that, the padded tongue and collar also very helpful in providing comfort for your feet whist dancing.
Ryka Influence shoe
Underneath, it features a traction outsole with footprint design. Somehow it looks like the Vibram Five Fingers at the bottom with a functional pivot point. Inside the shoe, it provides a good amount of support for your lateral. Weighs at only 8 oz, you can lift your feet without feeling anything. In a nutshell, this shoe is built with passion and uniquely crafted for Zumba dance as well as any other high impact exercises.

Sizing for Ryka Influence Zumba Shoes

The Ryka Influence is measure at 12 x 8 x 4 inches. According to the size chart from Ryka, it is recommended to go for the right size because it fits true to size. If you are wearing a size 8, buy size 8 for the Ryka Influence.

Positive Reviews from Consumers

Tonya said she bought the Ryka Influence because her Zumba instructor suggested her to get a Zumba shoe. This shoe prevent knee pain for her even she often carry out high impact moves. She has a fairly wide foot but the toe box makes her feel comfortable. One hour Zumba class is no longer a problem for her.

Dorren is a Jazzercise instructor. High impact dance aerobic exercise is what she do every day. She bought a Ryka Influence and found the shoes are very light weight but with good arch and lateral support. She also mentioned that the shoe fit true to size.

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Negative Reviews from Consumers

Lily is one of the few customers that give 2 stars rating to the Ryka Influence. The reason why she ranked so is because the shoe doesn’t have enough cushioning on the ball of the foot for her. She also mentioned that she is an aged person so the natural foot padding thins.

An Annoymous buyer also complained the same thing Lily did, the padding. She use the Ryka Influence on both carpet and wooden floors and found her feet stuck on the floor.

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There are two words for the Ryka Influence, fashionable and practical. Price wise, you can buy a pair of Ryka Influence online for as low as $29.44. This shoe not only has all the characteristic of a dance shoe but also look as stylish as a street shoe. It definitely fits your foot perfectly if you have narrow heel or big forefoot. Every woman will dance happily with it because it is practical yet beautiful.
Ryka Influence Zumba shoe