Zumba Impact Max Shoe Review

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Wink your eyes a few times and it is time to buy a new pair of Zumba shoes again. What we are about to talk here is the Zumba Impact Max. This shoe is designed by Zumba and made by Zumba to overcome high impact movements such as twisting, gliding, spinning and others. It looks really cute and works very well on both carpet and wooden floor. In order to understand whether the Zumba Impact Max is the right dance shoe for you or not, read the full review here. We have also included both positive and negative reviews from online buyers who are wearing the Zumba Impact Max shoe for their Zumba class.
Zumba Impact Max Shoe Review

How The Zumba Impact Max Shoes are Made

The Zumba Impact Max is made of textile and synthetic sole. Z-compress energy return system is one very unique feature you will only find in Zumba shoes. This system basically decrease the force of impact and then returns to its original form with the purpose to protect you from knee pain and other unwanted injuries. For stability, you will find the Z-brace system holds your foot steadily so that you can jump and slide in high speed.
Zumba Impact Max Dance Shoe Review
Underneath, it has a huge pivot point helping you to perform three classic moves easily: grapevine with body wave, core isolation shoulder pop, and the knee life to arm sweep. With an overall weight of just 9 oz, it almost feels nothing when lifting your feet. In addition, the Z-slide technology also allows sliding on any surface easier. The combination of Z-compress, Z-brace, and Z-slide is simply amazing.

Sizing for Zumba Impact Max

This shoe is measures 11 x 4 x 7 inches. Just like many other dance shoes, it is recommended to buy a half size to a full size bigger than your normal shoe size. For instance, if you wear a size 8 shoes, perhaps you should go for size 8.5 if you are keen to buy the Zumba Impact Max. As for the width, it is considered moderate.

Positive Reviews from Consumers

Jennifer’s true foot size is somewhere between a 9 1/2 and a 10 and she bought a size 10 Zumba Impact Max. She said the shoe is a solid choice for better Zumba foot movement. It fits Jennifer’s foot very well with a thin athletic socks. The shoe is not slick on wood style floors. Besides, Jennifer also mentioned that she only use the Zumba Impact Max for her Zumba class. She wear the shoe for a full hour Zumba class without any issues!

Barb Jean is a 64-year-old Zumba dancer with bad knees. It was her first time wearing the Zumba Impact Max and it fits perfectly. Barb said that the shoe is not hurting her knee at all.

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Negative Reviews from Consumers

Kellie Faulkner is a Zumba instructor. Compared to other shoes, she mentioned that the Zumba Impact Max is slightly heavy. She loves the design and style but she doesn’t like it because it is slippery and kind of clunky.

Hagan is another verified buyer that complained the shoe is slippery. However, she mentioned that it might be the floor of the studio is dusty.

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The Zumba Impact Max is truly made for Zumba and built for Zumba. The three technology from Zumba, Z-compress, Z-brace, and Z-slide are a guarantee for this shoe. According to our research, more than 92% of Zumba Impact Max buyers are very satisfied with this shoe. Most of them use it for Zumba classes. With a brightly colored cargo pants and hip-shaking skills, wearing the Zumba Impact Max shoes could make Jennifer Lopez jealous for sure.
Zumba Impact Max Shoe Review