Ryka Moxie Shoe Review

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Ryka Moxie is a popular women’s cross-training shoe. It has been selling in the market for a few years and majority buyers give 4-5 stars rating for this shoe. Some people said it is the perfect cross-training shoes while some agreed that this is the best Zumba shoes ever. Over the years, Ryka has been very popular in making women’s shoes. In order to find out whether the Ryka Moxie is the best Zumba shoes for you or not, read our in-depth review from head to toe to find out.
Ryka Moxie Zumba shoes

How The Ryka Moxie Shoes are Made

A look from the outside, the Ryka Moxie shoe is a combination of breathable mesh, suede, padded tongue and collar. The shoe itself is very flexibly and you can bend it with just one hand until it looks like the N word. Underneath, it features a pivot point on the rubber outsole which is very important for Zumba dance as well as other CrossFit training workouts. The pivot point is very supportive for high impact movements such as jumping, kicking, pivoting, spinning, twisting and gliding.
Ryka Moxie shoes
Inside the shoe, it features a removable precise-return footbed, N-gage EVA foam, and a stability heel clip. All these features are designed to give you the maximum comfort and full lateral support whilst exercising. They are also intended to prevent unwanted knee injuries with good arch support. The removable footbed can be replaced with those suitable for your foot type, for example, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, or bunions. Weighs at only 9 oz, this light weight cross-training shoe is simply awesome for Zumba.

Sizing for Ryka Moxie Shoes

The Ryka Moxie is measure at 12 x 8 x 4 inches. Just like Ryka Influence, it is recommended to go for the right size because all Ryka shoes fit true to size. If you are wearing a size 9, purchase size 9 for the Ryka Moxie. However, we advise you to purchase a half size larger for better comfort. If your street size is 8, go for size 8 1/2.

Positive Reviews from Consumers

Belfiore is a Zumba instructor and she highly recommended the Ryka Moxie for Zumba instructions. She bought a half-size up and the shoe fits perfectly. Belfiore also mentioned that the shoe is very comfortable, supportive, as well as shock-absorbency when needed.

The Ryka Moxie Paula J’s second pair of Ryka cross training shoes. She was very satisfied with the shoe because it is comfortable. Just like many other buyer, she bought the shoe 1/2 size up. This has given her a better room in the toe. Paula is also happy with the 5 color options the Ryka Roxie offers.

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Negative Reviews from Consumers

Malamute complained the pivot point is too small to make an adequate maneuver although the shoe is fit for a slender foot and have strong traction.

Tappy is a Zumba dancer and she said the Ryka Moxie is too narrow for her dance. She like the look of the shoe and she ordered a half-inch bigger for thicker socks.

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Generally, women’s feet are narrower in the heel and wider in the forefoot. Ryka shoes are designed exclusively for women. Just like many Ryka shoes, the toe box of the Ryka Moxie has more room and it is slightly narrow in the heel. It is the perfect shoes for women except you have a special foot type. Overall, this shoe is perfect for Zumba.
Ryka Moxie Zumba shoes