Parkour Shoes: Top 10 Best For You

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What is a traceur without his parkour shoes? Regardless of what you do, it is vital to get the right tools if you want to do the work well. This applies to fitness, Zumba, Kung Fu, CrossFit, boxing, spinning, hiking, soccer and any other activities. It is very important to choose the right shoes for Parkour because it involves different kinds of movements such as running, jumping, climbing, rolling, vaulting, swinging, spinning, quadrupedal movement, and other high impact movements. Here’s your delicious top 10 best Parkour shoes. Some of them come with a very reasonable price tag.

Top 10 Best Parkour Shoes

1. Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81

Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81
If you asked what is the best shoes for Parkour, more than 50% of parkour practitioner will recommend Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 to you. This lightweight shoe keep your foot close to the ground. You can feel the ground with the shoe on. It also has a great amount of grip and it is very flexible for every parkour movements. This shoe is thin compared to many sneakers. Click here to check the lowest price for Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81.

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2. Nike Free Run

Nike Free Run
Nike Free Run is well-known for its flexibility and durability. Thanks to the lightweight technology, this shoe gives you the feel of barefoot with a natural fit. The reflective details keep you safe in low light conditions. Most important, Nike Free Run are available for both Men and Women. Click here to check the lowest price for Nike Free Run.

3. Puma Faas 500

Puma Faas 500 parkour shoes
Puma Faas 500 has an awesome grip backing your movements such as wall runs or flipper on walls. The upper lockdown technology secures the midfoot and heel without inhibiting the foot’s natural movement. On top of that, the one-piece FaasFoam midsole unit is very comfortable. Last but not least, it is also very flexible and lightweight. Click here to check the lowest price for Puma Faas 500.

4. Vivobarefoot Stealth Running Shoe

Vivobarefoot Stealth Running Shoe
Although this is a running shoes, it is very suitable for parkour practitioner. It is flexible, lightweight, comfortable, and soft. The shoe padding is thick enough for traceur to make landings a lot easier. Vivobarefoot is also available for women so it is a good choice for girls who want to practice parkour. Click here to check the lowest price for Vivobarefoot Stealth Running Shoe.

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5. Vibram Five Fingers

Vibram Five Fingers best parkour shoes
You will notice many Parkour practitioners are wearing the Vibram Five Fingers if you always watch Parkour videos on YouTube. Overall, the Vibram Five Fingers is a good choice for parkour because this shoe is deisnged to emulate barefoot training. The grip of this shoe is so fantastic and it is said to be beaten out by the Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81. In a nutshell, if grip and control is the main concern for you, go for the Vibram Five Fingers. Click here to check the lowest price for Vibram Five Fingers.

6. Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes

Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes
Perhaps this is the cheapest parkour shoes you can find in the market today. It is cheap in terms of price. With just around $20, the performance is simply amazing! This shoe features a simple and durable canvas lace-up top. It also comes with a light padded sole which gives you the maximum comfort on landing. Speaking about the tread, it is perfect for any parkour styles. It is also the best shoe choice for Kung Fu practitioners. Click here to check the lowest price for Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes as well as nearly 700 customer reviews for this shoe.

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7. Vivobarefoot Neo – This is a great choice for traceur who prefer thin soles. Thin soles give you the feel you want with the ground, wall, or water pipes. The sole found in this shoe has anti-puncture grip technology and it is good for jumping and landing accurately on small or narrow obstacles. Check the lowest price for Vivobarefoot Neo.

8. Nike Dart – One of the cheapest Nike sneakers yet practical for parkour. For those who want a Nike sneakers with flexibility, durability and awesome grips, this is the one you should go for. Nike Dart 10, Nike Dart 11, and Nike Dart 12 are three good shoe models for parkour. Check the lowest price for Nike Dart.

9. adidas Energy Boost – When you are considering to buy the best parkour shoes, you should think of grip, comfort, flexibility, durability, and cushioning. The adidas Energy Boost has all the things you need to practice parkour. The solid rubber sole delivers a decent amount of grip which is good for landing feet-first on a vertical surface. Check the lowest price for adidas Energy Boost.

10. ASICS GEL Venture 5 – This is a comfortable shoe thanks to its added padding. The sole is thicker compare to other shoe but it is very helpful when you are running towards a high wall and then jump up to reach the top of the wall. If the best shoes for Parkour is 5 stars, we will rate the ASICS GEL Venture 5 4 stars for the grip, comfort, durability, and money value. Check the lowest price for ASICS GEL Venture 5.

Editor’s note: Never rush to buy the best parkour shoes. Read more reviews from online buyers who actually bought the shoe and use it for parkour activities. Once you have decided which one to go for, check for the best price and then go for it!

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