Top 10 Best Zumba Shoes of All Time

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Zumba involve different kinds of movements like twisting, gliding, turning, spinning, pivoting, Pas de bourree, and others. Sometimes, you have to perform these movements quickly when the music beat is fast. In order to prevent Zumba foot pain and injuries, it is vital to select the best Zumba shoes that suits you. With the right pair of Zumba shoes or sneakers, you will enjoy stepping in and out on the dance floor and see your sweat dripping.

There are many types of shoes and sneakers available in the market but not all of them are suitable for Zumba. Here we have sorted the top 10 best Zumba shoes of all time. These shoes or sneakers are highly recommended by Zumba instructors across 180 countries. They are definitely the best to protect your knees, feet, ankles, muscles and back when you perform a Zumba dance.

  Ryka Influence New Balance Women’s WX608v4 Capezio Rockit DS24
Upper: Soft mesh fabric design Soft mesh fabric, synthetic and suede Mesh, Suede, and synthetic sole
Sole: Rubber sole Rubber sole Rubber sole
Style: Low Cut High Cut Low Cut
Colors: 11 10 1
Rating: 4.2 / 5.0 4.4 / 5.0 4.1 / 5.0

How to Choose The Best Zumba Shoes

When it comes to choosing the best shoes for Zumba dance, you should consider these 10 things:

Comfortable – Comfortable is a huge concern when it comes to buying the right Zumba shoes. Look for a pair of comfy sneakers that give you a good ankle, arch and knee support. Go to shoe store nearby, wear the shoe and try to twist, glide, spin and pivot. Make sure you feel comfortable with every move you make.

Durability – It is very important to get a pair of shoes or sneakers that is durable. A normal Zumba class will take you at least 30-60 minutes. Thus, they must be heavy-duty.

Flexibility – The best shoes for Zumba dance are often the one with maximum flexibility. As Zumba involves a lot of speedy movements, your sneakers have to be flexible enough.

Gripping – Get a pair of shoes or sneakers with high quality rubber soles. This is vital because it gives you a good grip on wooden floor or outside.

Weight – An ideal pair of Zumba shoes are those made with lightweight material such as synthetic material. Ryka Exertion, Capezio Rockit DS24 and ASICS Rhythmic 3 are good examples of lightweight dance shoes.

Pivot Point – Zumba involves a lot of twisting, gliding, turning, spinning, pivoting and Pas de bourree. Shoes with pivot points play an important role to protect your knees.

Stability – Shoes with good stability prevent any unwanted injuries. A shoe with good stability can give you an adequate amount of support. Know your feet before buying the shoe. Check and see if you have high arch, low arch, flat feet, or Plantar Fasciitis.

Ventilation or Breathability – Everyone sweat a lot during any types of Zumba class, for example, Zumba Fitness, Zumba Toning, Zumba Gold, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Sentao, Zumba Step, Zumba in the Circuit, or Zumba Kids. Therefore, you need a pair of sneakers that allow your feet to breathe whilst dancing. Select those with mesh design will give you extra comfort in any class.

Great Cushioning or Padding – Good padding allows you to move your feet rapidly. It also helps to prevent any injuries.

Toe Room – Putting too much pressure on the toes will result in numb and tingling feet. A lot of Zumba movements require you to up your toes so you need a shoes with enough toe room to prevent tingling in feet.

10 Best Zumba Shoes of All Time

  Shoe Model Weight Pivot Point Ratings Price
Capezio Rockit DS24 7 oz Yes 4.0 $$
Bloch Boost 2 lbs Yes 4.1 $$
Ryka Influence 8 oz Yes 4.4 $$
Ryka Exertion 6.7 oz Yes 4.5 $$$
Ryka Moxie 9 oz Yes 4.1 $$$
ASICS Rhythmic 3 6.2 oz Yes, Two 3.9 $$
Nike Flex Trainer 5.8 oz No 4.0 $$
New Balance WX797 8 oz Yes 4.1 $
Zumba Impact Max 9 oz Yes 4.2 $$
Zumba Fly Pint 8 oz  Yes 4.3 $$$

Zumba Shoes Review

Capezio Rockit DS24

Capezio Rockit DS24
Capezio is well-known for making great dance shoes and the Rockit DS24 is one of it. It weighs only 7 oz which is perfect for Zumba. Underneath, it features split synthetic sole allowing the front and back of the shoe to move independently. It helps a lot in spinning and twisting. Stability wise, it comes with padded Achilles notch for added comfort and give you the maximum comfort you need whilst exercising. However, the high arch support may not be suitable for those with flat feet. Built with mesh, suede, synthetic, and perforated arch which is fantastic for ventilation and breathability.

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Bloch Boost

Bloch Boost Zumba shoes
Bloch Boost is a popular dance sneaker in many Zumba fitness class. This shoe features a variable lacing system to provide extra support and optimum arch fit. Underneath, it comes with spilt sole and a pivot point allowing you to make 360 degree movement easily. Sliding and kicking will not be a problem. Weighs at approximately 2 lbs, it is considered slightly heavy compared to other shoes in the list here. Overall, it looks amazing with great flexibility. That’s what make it one of the most popular Zumba shoes of all time.

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Ryka Influence

Ryka Influence
Ryka Influence is one of the most stylish Zumba shoes. Weighs at only 8 oz, this light-weight dance shoes come with pivot point on the rubber sole, Precise-Return bouncy insold and a dual-impact midsole. Inside, it gives you a lot of lateral support to keep your foot comfortable for every dance move. In a nutshell, the Ryka Influence has everything that really influence your dancing in a good sense.

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Ryka Exertion

Ryka Exertion Zumba dance shoes
Although you can’t find the best Zumba shoes for everyone, you can find the perfect for yourself. The Ryka Exertion is the one you should really consider. Weighs at only 6.7 oz, it is one of the lightest shoes for Zumba dance. Underneath, the high-quality manmade rubber soles gives you an adequate amount of traction for glide, twist and slide. Many Zumba related websites rank it as one of the best Zuma shoes of all time due to good feedback from Zumba instructors and trainers. On the other hand, the Ortholite footbed is also good for people with plantar fasciitis or bunions.

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Ryka Moxie

Ryka Moxie
Speaking about finding the best shoes for Zumba, Ryka is one of the biggest brand. With unbiased reviews, it is a must to put Ryka Moxie Women’s Cross-Training shoes into the top 10 list because it offers a good lateral support for extra stability. Weighs at only 9 oz, this shoe features pivot-point outsole, removable precise-return footbed, N-gage EVA foam and a stability heel clip. This shoe is built to conquer rapid movements such as spinning and twisting.

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ASICS Rhythmic 3

ASICS Rhythmic 3 Zumba shoes
The ASICS Rhythmic 3 is the lightest dance shoes among other in the list here. Weighs at only 6.2 oz, it gives many advantages to Zumba lovers. There are two pivot points at the front and back which give you the flexibility you need to move around your feet on the dance floor. On top of that, the mesh and synthetic upper are very good for ventilation. Say good bye to sweat even you have to dance for an hour. Price wise, the ASICS Rhythmic 3 is considered cheap compared to many Zumba shoes available in the market.

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Nike Flex Trainer

Nike Flex Trainer
Comfortable, durable, flexible, good grip, light weight, stable, good padding and breathable are all the characteristic found in the Nike Flex Trainer. Thanks to the Plylon outsole combined with minimal rubber pods, this shoe has a great amount of traction. Although it is not designed for dancing, it is a great option for Zumba in terms of flexibility and lightweight.

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New Balance WX797

New Balance WX797 zumba shoes
If you want a New Balance shoes for Zumba, try the WX797. Weighs at 8 oz, you don’t feel like wearing anything with its ultra-light weight. This shoe also include the pivot point which is essential for Zumba class. In addition, the rubber sole perform very well on wood floor, carpet floor or simen floor. Inside, the Re-zorb cushion system and dual foam sole offers extra support in the heel and forefoot. Price starts from $30, it is consider cheap and very practical for Zumba.

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Zumba Impact Max

Zumba Impact Max
This shoe is made for Zumba and built for Zumba. It is often rated as one of the best Zumba shoes for women. Among 100 users, 80% buyers give 5 stars rating to this shoe. One unique feature you can find in Zumba Impact Max is the Z-compress energy return system. This system reduce the force of impact and then returns to its original form. It prevents unnecessary injuries and knee pain. This shoe also features Zumba’s z-brace which holds the foot steadily so that you can dance fast. Furthermore, the Z-slide technology allows sliding on any surface easier. At 9 oz, it is perfect for Zumba.

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Zumba Fly Pint

Zumba Fly Pint Women's Zumba shoes
This shoe is soft, flexible, and fit as expected. Just like the Zumba Impact Max, it also features Z-Slide technology allowing you to slide to left or right easily on any surface. On top, it is made of breathable mesh which is great for ventilation. Inside, there is a lightweight cushion which gives you the maximum support you need for your toe, heel, and knee. The inserts is removable therefore you can use any custom orthotics for your needs. Besides, there are also a lot of shock absorbing for jumping around. In short, it is one of the best Zumba shoes especially for people with strict budget.

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Great Shoes for Zumba Dance

Other than the top 10 best Zumba shoes listed above, these are also good shoes for Zumba dance.

  1. ASICS Women’s GEL-Rhythmic Cross Trainer
  2. Bloch Amalgam – Good option, slightly heavy (2 lbs), split sole, cheap price, no pivot point.
  3. Bloch DRT
  4. Bloch Lightening
  5. Bloch Traverse
  6. New Balance WX867
  7. Puma Cell Riaze
  8. Puma Women’s Janine Dance
  9. Puma Women’s Cell Riaze Cross-Training Shoe
  10. Reebook Dance UR Lead
  11. Ryka Dynamic
  12. Ryka Downbeat Fitness Sneaker
  13. Ryka Synergy
  14. Ryka Women’s Dash
  15. SnakeSpine Dansneasker
  16. Zumba Energy Fuze
  17. Zumba Fitness Z-kickz II
  18. Zumba Women’s Z1 Dance Shoes

Other than footwear, you will need to prepare the right clothing for any Zumba class. It is going to be difficult if you don’t wear the right Zumba clothing. According to a few Zumba instructors, it is highly suggested to go for light clothing because you will heat up quickly with those intensive movements.