Bloch Boost Dance Sneaker Review

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The Bloch Boost dance sneaker is one of the top choices for many Zumba practitioners as well as instructors. You will find a lot of positive reviews for this shoe in Amazon, Zappos, DSW, Nordstrom and many online shoe stores. Of course, there are also a small amount of people mentioning this is not the right shoe for them to go for Zumba and other crossfit workouts. In order to understand whether the Bloch Boost Dance Sneaker is the best Zumba shoes for you or not, read the full review here to find out everything you need to know.
Bloch Boost Dance sneakers

How The Shoes are Made

The Bloch Boost is made with mesh and suede, thus, ventilation and breathability is definitely good. Inside, you will see a DRT cushioned heel and built-in arch support to provide extra comfort as well as maximum shock absorption. In addition, the variable lacing system offers great support and ideal arch fit. The heel of this shoe is approximately 1 1/4” and the platform measures about 3/4″.
Bloch Boost Zumba shoes
Underneath, it features a manmade split sole with pivot point to allow you to make a 360 degree movement without difficulty. Weighs at 2 lbs, it might be slightly heavy for people who have get used with dance sneakers weigh below 1 lb. Price wise, it is as cheap as $53 depending on your foot size. In a nutshell, the shoe is comfortable, breathable and flexible. The sporty outlook and the practicality of the shoe will certainly boost your practice skills in any Zumba class.

Sizing for Bloch Boost Dance Sneaker

The standard for dance shoes normally will get 0.5 to 1.5 sizes up from your street shoe size. Many buyers from Amazon, Zappos and other online shoe stores suggest to buy 1-1.5 sizes larger. For example, if you wear a size 8, you should purchase a 9 for the Bloch Boost dance sneaker. If your street shoe is a size 7.5, perhaps you should go for 8.5 or 9.

Positive Reviews from Amazon Users

Margie said she loves the Bloch Boost dance sneaker. She do line dancing and rock n roll in them and her feet feel excellent. For her, the Bloch Boost look beautiful. The split sole works wonderfully for her too.

Marelen Burgett said she purchased the Bloch Boost for Zumba, and she love it so much. The shoes prevent knee pain during spins, twists and other rapid movements. She wear the shoe at least five times a week and they are holding up nicely.

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Negative Reviews from Amazon Users

An Annoymous said she workout every day and take at least four Zumba classes a week including Zumba Tone. The 2 lbs weight isn’t heavy for her and the pivot points underneath help a lot for fast footwork. The only thing upset her is the lacing system. Her arches and metatarsals were killing her just after a few minutes of workout.

Sparkly complained that the shoe does not offer enough support for the heel because it is way too low. You will feel it when you need to tip the toes. The heels feel like coming out.

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Without doubt the Bloch Boost dance sneaker is a very well-known shoes for Zumba. Depending on your foot type, it might be the best Zumba shoes for you but not everyone. It is common to break a few shoes before getting the best one for your Zumba class.
Bloch Boost Zumba shoes