7 Helpful Tips To Help You Make Your Shoes Comfortable

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There are a variety of factors that people consider when they go to the footwear store to purchase a pair of shoes which includes the color, durability and the cost of the shoes. In most cases you might end up getting your favorite color with a favorable price only to find that the pair won’t fit you.

A pair of shoe that doesn’t fit you properly may cause damage on your feet or an even result to feet related disorders. Women are the most affected when it comes to sizing since they would rather sacrifice comfort for them to purchase nice shoes that don’t fit them properly.

In fact, what many people fail to understand is that comfort of the shoes should be the primary factor when it comes to choosing any shoe be it bridal shoes, or sports shoes.

Below are seven most common tips that will relatively increase the comfort of your shoes or even help you in future to choose a shoe that makes you feel comfortable as you walk.

1. The size of the shoes

This is number determinant when it comes to the comfort of your shoes it very true that most people do not measure the same size as that of the shoes which tends to mislead a significant number when it comes to purchasing a particular shoe. Small shoes will cause a swelling infection, and the size of the shoes might be determined by the material used to make that type of shoe.

shoe size chart

On the other hand, if you purchase a pair of shoes that is quite big compared to the size of your foot, this will also lead to discomfort as you walk.

2. The style of the shoes

Some people tend to hate a certain design just by the appearance and no matter how sweet they fit in they can’t stand such style. This is where taste comes in and buying them a pair of shoes as a gift they might reject it regardless of the cost. The best solution is to shop with them to meet their heart desires.

3. Suitability of the shoes

Some shoes are strictly meant for certain occasion or purpose and wearing the perfect shoe in the wrong place will relatively give you a very hard time. Imagine a woman walking with high heeled shoes meant for modeling in a rough surface, or a footballer with a pair of leather shoes in the field. The pair of shoes might be the best size and style but using it for the wrong purpose will make you feel uncomfortable.

4. The shape of the shoes

Most buyers concentrate a lot on the size and the design and forget about the form of the shoes. The first thing to consider is whether your foot is flat, thin or wide and then look for a shoe that fits your shape. Some of the shapes you expect to see in the market today are curved shoes, straight lasted shoes and semi-curved shoes among others.

shape of shoes

As a matter of fact, since podiatrists are conversant with most of the foot problems one is likely to encounter while wearing the wrong shoes regarding size and shape, they highly recommend people to choose a shoe with the best shape. Athletes, tennis players and footballers are also considerate when it comes to the form of the shoe.

5. The weight of the shoes

This implies mostly to people like runners and those participating in various games such as volleyball and basketball. A heavy shoe will temper with the movement of the player and thus lowering the player’s performance. For example for the basketball players, weight and comfort play a vital role when it comes to their footwork. On the court. Another incidence is when looking for the work boots whereby one is required to search for boots that not only keeps your feet safe but also comfortable. The weight of these boots is determined by their purpose.

6. The stability of the shoes

You can determine the stability of the shoe by how easily it bends and also looking at the rear end of the shoe. Like the shape of the shoe, that stability is also determined by whether your foot is flat or wide. For instance skater’s shoes are made in such a way that they balance with the entire weight of the body.

7. Use gel insoles

Most of the shoes might meet all the above features but still cause sweatiness on your feet. By using gel insoles, you will prevent your toes from scrunching which results in swelling and blisters.

Gel insoles

In addition to that, gel insoles also prevent your feet from sliding in your shoes.

There are a lot of benefits that comes along while wearing a comfortable footwear such as;

  1. A comfortable shoe prevents you from various physical injuries. These injuries are mostly as a result of the impact applied to the surface. While walking on a tiled floor, your shoe will have a different effect compared to concrete surfaces, and this is why some shoes are incorporated shock absorbers.
  2. They also prevent you from overturning and twisting your ankles especially those with cushioned ankle collars.
  3. Comfortable footwear enables easy and quick movement especially the sports shoes.
  4. Comfortable shoes also prevent various foot disorders such corn that might result in severe problems if not controlled at early stages. For example pointy footwear squeezes your toes giving them less space and this is the one of the reason they tend to swell in between the toes.


Now that you understand some of the basic tips that enhances the comfort of the shoes, it is always to work hand in hand with your shoe designer while choosing the perfect type of shoe be it sports shoes, fashion shoes or even the best work boots on the market.

Your body condition will also play a major role when it comes to choosing comfortable shoes. In fact visiting a podiatrist might be a good way to identify the type of shoes that suits you best and also those that will offer comfort.