Capezio Rockit DS24 Review

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Capezio Rockit DS24 is often regarded as one of the best Zumba shoes of all time. It is well built and very famous among Zumba dancers as well as instructors. Many people give a huge LIKE to this dance shoe because it lets you perform different kinds of movements easily, for instance, twisting, gliding, turning, spinning, pivoting and more. In order to understand whether the Capezio Rockit DS24 is the right Zumba shoes for you or not, you should read the full review here.
Capezio Rockit DS24 Zumba shoes

How The Shoes are Made

The Capezio Rockit DS24 is made with mesh, suede, and synthetic sole. Outsole is made of non-marking PU with built-in patented flex points which is very flexible. You can bend the shoe with your fingers! Together with the perforated arch, it is perfect for ventilation and breathability. Underneath, it features spilt sole with pivot point which is very beneficial when you try to make a 360 degree movement. This is because split sole allowing the front and back of the shoe to move individually.

Capezio Rockit DS24 shoe soles pivot point

Inside, it comes with a contoured, cushioned, removable EVA footbed. With padded Achilles notch, you will find extra comfort and added stability whilst dancing. Take a look at the toe room, it is flat boxed. Other features of the shoes are padded tongue, collar, and speed looped lacing systems. Considering the 7 oz overall weight, this shoe is simply perfect for Zumba and other cross fit exercises.

Sizing for Capezio Rockit DS24

Some people give reviews saying they bought the Capezio Rockit DS24 a half size to a full size bigger than their normal size although the website said the shoe’s sizing is equivalent to street shoe size. If you wear a size 8 shoes, perhaps you should go for size 9 if you are keen to buy the Capezio Rockit.

Positive Reviews from Amazon Users

Robin Grimes said she bought a half size bigger than her normal. The shoe feel so good and no foot pain at all. Turns and spins are easy and she also mentioned that she will wear it until it worn out.

An anonymous said the Capezio Rockit works wonderful on carpet. Gliding and twisting without tweaking your knees. The high arch support is also very good because she has high arches and she feel very supported.

Negative Reviews from Amazon Users

Laurie said she usually wear a 9 1/2 and she bought a size 10. She mentioned that the shoe is tight and her toes are smushed after a 60-minute Zumba class.

Daisy from Phoenix complained that the arch of the shoes is somewhat flat and thin, it might not be suitable for people with high-arch feet. She also commented the shoe is not so good on wooden floor studio.

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Without doubt the Capezio Rockit DS24 is a very popular shoes for Zumba. Many websites and consumer reports show it is one of the best Zumba shoes. It is really good for flat feet. It is also good for people who want to practice Zumba on carpet floor. Try it once and you will know whether it is the best for you or not.

Capezio Rockit DS24 zumba shoes