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Real sneaker lovers have always had a very eclectic sense of fashion in shoe and a pair of golden-fire eyes for distinctive things. A man or a woman is not considered a real shoe collector until they own a pair of inimitable sneakers. An inimitable sneaker means a well designed, unique, and most important no one else has it. The only way to own one is to design the shoe with your own hands. You can design your own sneakers and make yourself look elegant, cute, chic, or in any preferred style. With what we have in our world today, designing a pair of own sneakers is no longer a hard job. Here are the top six sneaker brands in the market and all of them offer an online application for you to customize your own sneakers.

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Converse has been in the business of providing winterized rubber soled footwear since 1908. With over a hundred year of history in making shoes, you can clearly see that the rubber sole being used in Converse sneakers is different from others. They provide not just stylish sneakers but also comfort for any seasons and that is why people love it so much. Converse Chuck Taylor “100 Club”, Converse Chuck Taylor Moto Leather “Navy”, Converse PL Street Suede Mid, and Converse 2013 Auckland Racer are just a few distinctive sneakers to be mentioned. To design your own Converse, simply follow the four steps guide posted in early January this year.


Vans has been continuously inspiring the world over with its unalterable dedication of making nice sneakers for the people. A “wow” is at least to be heard three times every time a new Vans sneaker is launched. Feeling itchy now? Get your hands to design your own Vans shoes right now!


There is something about Puma shoes every time I look at it. Their sneaker is a combination of high-performance and sport lifestyle. They are soft and the rubber sole is comfortable to be worn for sports or any casual occasions. With six easy steps, you can design your own Puma shoes in less than 10 minutes.


Adidas store is never a bad place to find inspiration to design your own sneakers because they offers unlimited footwear from A to Z and has a sporty hint to it. The iconic 3 stripes are Adidas’s predominant styles and it always means “Go Ahead”. So go ahead and design your own Adidas shoes.


Even the most passionate aficionado has an occasional compulsion for a pair of customized Nike sneakers. As a result, make your own Nike shoes is a must because it gives you a casual look as long as you design it in a right way.


Reebok always give us a view of timeless and modern. From basketball to American football, Reebok is full of creative designs. Whether you are a minimalist or maximalist, you can always design a Reebok shoe in anyway you want. It could be a colorful yet functional sneaker or a simple sneaker but has its own taste.

The six famous brands above allow you to create your own sneakers and they will deliver your customized sneakers to you within a few weeks. Now what? Choose a brand you love and start to design your own sneakers immediately!