Best Spinning Shoes for Women

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Are you looking for the best spinning shoes for women? Are you wondering what is the best indoor spinning shoe that works best for your indoor cycling? If you have these questions in your mind or you are joining a spinning class, take a look at the list of top 5 best spinning shoes here. The reviews on spinning shoes are unbiased and it will be a good start to hunt for the best shoes. These shoes will be able to lead you to the best spinning shoes that suit your needs for sure.

Top 5 Best Spinning Shoes for Women

SIDI Dominator 5 Silver Mamba

SIDI Dominator 5 Silver Mamba

The SIDI Dominator 5 Silver Mamba is exclusively designed for woman’s foot to get on cycling pedal. This shoe is dominated as the best spinning shoes for pros as well as beginners who are about to join a spinning class. Each SIDI Dominator 5 comes with a caliper buckle for easy fit adjustment. It is SPD compatible and it is definitely the one for those who are looking for indoor spinning shoes with clips. Overall, this is a 5-star spinning shoes and the only drawback is the heavy price tag.

SIDI Duran

SIDI Duran

Among all available spinning shoes in the market, there are less than 5 pairs of spinning shoes sell with clips. However, the SIDI Duran is one that works best with clips as it is also SPD compatible. Just like the Dominator 5, the SIDI Duran is also European hand crafted. It features a thicker padded tongue to eliminate pressure points as well as giving better comfort to cyclist.

SIDI Tarus Women’s Spinning Shoes

SIDI Tarus

The SIDI Tarus spinning shoes is made for female spinners who easily get sweat during exercises. It is made with a Millenium 3 Carbon Composite Sole and cooling mesh panels to offer a better breathing experience to spinners. This pair of spinning shoes is also perfect for any woman or girls with narrow feet. Go for it if you want your toe to be able to breathe more during indoor cycling.

Shimano SHWM82

Shimano SHWM82

The Shimano SHWM82 is clipless, waterproof and cheap to buy. It is designed for women to burn as much as calories they want on an indoor bike. It is also designed to be used like the MINI Paceman – for off-road racing. Technology wise, it is built with glass fiber reinforced polyamide midsole plate and it weights only 12 oz. This should be the first pair of spinning shoes you should seriously consider if you are using Shimano XT PD-M780 pedals.

Shimano SH-WR32

Shimano SH-WR32

The Shimano SH-WR32 is a all-feature off-road spinning shoe. It is qualified to be mentioned at the best spinning shoes for women list here because of the durability. The stretch-resistant synthetic leather upper, hook and loop straps, upper mesh material and Shimano Dynalast sole are what make this shoe the perfect one for any spinning course. About cleats, this shoe is compatible with both 3-hole road cleats and 2-hole mountain cleats. A set of Shimano SPD SL cleat will fit this shoe perfectly but it is recommended to buy the right cleats depending on the pedal you are using.

Best Spinning Shoes Brands

Other than the listed spinning shoes for women above, you may also check out some other top brands that make the best spinning shoes.

  • Diadora
  • Giro
  • Keen
  • Pearl iZUMi
  • Vittoria
  • DMT
  • SIDI
  • Specialized
  • Louis Garneau

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Difference between Spinning Shoes and Cycling Shoes

Often, people made mistakes about spinning shoes and cycling shoes. Although both of these terms are commonly used in spinning classes and cycling activities, they have some differences. First, an obvious difference lies in the fact that cycling activities take places outdoor while spinning classes is a stationary activity. Second, cyclists use a bicycle or a bike while spinners use an indoor spinning bike. There are a few differences between indoor spinning bike and outdoor bike. A spinning bike is fitted with a heavy weighted flywheel and the average flywheel weighs approximately 40 pounds. Unlike outdoor bike, an indoor spinning bike will continue to spin even when your legs are not in motion. This only happens when you are going downhill on a mountain bike. Now you see the differences between spinning bike and outdoor bike? In a nutshell, spinning shoes and cycling shoes can be different.

Is Cleats needed for Indoor Spinning Shoes?

Choosing the right spinning shoes allow you to perform well on your spinning class. However, a sturdy set of cleats is also important if you want to achieve peak performance. Besides performance, cleats are also to provide you an extra safety during your workout by clipping your shoe to the pedal. If you do notice, most of the spinning shoes are equipped with cleat pods. This means they are intended for a spinner to use with specialized cleats. The most common cleats are SPD (Shimano Pedal Design) type. They are very easy to find in many online stores. Therefore, if you are joining a spinning class that uses Spinner bikes, you can go for any SPD compatible spinning shoes. In short and sweet, in order to select the right cleats, you will first need to select the right shoes and then select the cleats according to the pedal you use.

spinning shoes SPD cleats

Tips to Choose the Best Shoes for Spin

Still couldn’t make up your mind to buy the right shoes for spinning class? Here are some extra tips to open your mind to get the right shoes.

Start with the pedal

Spinning shoes work together with the pedal like your arms and legs. It will be good to start hunting for the right shoe according to the pedal you are using. SPD pedals are widely used across the country. Most of the Spinner bike comes with SPD pedals, thus, it will be good to get a spinning shoes that is compatible with SPD cleats. At most time, you don’t have to change your shoe if you are going to another fitness center.

Stretch Resistant sole and Breathable Fabric

During a spinning workout, your leg will be work like a Ferrari engine. It will keep spinning and won’t be stop even it gets hot. Therefore, shoes for spinning with stretch-resistant sole made with high breathable fabric or high quality mesh is a must. Besides, thick padded tongue is also important as it will reduce power loss and transfer the power from your feet to the pedals.

Without doubt, we are living in a world with advanced technology. It takes less than five minutes to buy a spinning shoe online. On top of that, these shoes tend to be cheaper when you can buy them with online discount coupons. It is highly suggested to go to the nearest spinning shoe stores and try it out yourself. You can still make the purchase online after trying it. Most important, make sure the shoe you are going buy fit your feet snugly inside with or without socks. The best shoes for spinning shouldn’t cause any unwanted paint and you should feel comfortable to move around in any way.