Customize Your Own Nike Elite Socks

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Why not customize your own Nike Elite socks if you are looking to buy a pair of unique socks? A pair of custom Nike Elite socks is inimitable because it is your own designs and the artwork is belongs to you. Over the years, we have seen a few really nice custom Nike Elite socks such as Lebron X Cork, NSP-LJ6, NSP-KB24, NSP-KD35, and the one made for the folks over at SLAM Magazine. NikeiD official website allows you to customize your own Jordan shoes, Kobe Bryant shoes, and LeBron James shoes but currently it does not provide any online program for Nike fans to build custom Nike Elite socks.

Most of the customized Nike Elite socks we seen are specially made by Nike for certain occasion only. However, Nike store sells any kind of Nike Elite socks and they are available in pink, purple, blue, maroon, green, yellow, white, red, black, gold, lime green, grey, navy blue, and more. A pair of Nike Elite Crew basketball socks usually cost from $14. You can also find soccer socks, running socks, and skate socks from any Nike store. Well, you don’t like Pink Nike Elite socks? Purple is not your tastes? Blue socks are not match with your basketball shoes? Your football shoes need a pair of maroon socks? No worry, there is still one way to build custom Nike Elite socks and you can do it online.

How to Build Custom Nike Elite Socks Online

The only place where you can truly use your talent to build custom Nike Elite socks online is Customize Elite Socks website. This is a very simple website but it consists of a few easy-to-use functions that allow you to upload your own artwork to a plain Nike Elite socks. Now here are a few easy steps to customize a pair of Nike Elite socks online.

Step 1: Access to Customize Elite Socks and click on the “customize your own” button located on top. What you will see is a pair of plain Nike Elite socks, the price, and a Customize button. Click on the Customize to begin.

Step 2: Click on the “Choose Design Template” to upload your artwork to the socks. You have the option to place different design on each sock. Otherwise, just put the same design on both socks.

Step 3: Now click on the Set / Change Your Image. Select your image file (your design) from your local computer and upload it to the online program. You should be able to see your artwork on the sample socks right now. There is a few buttons for you to adjust the height and width of your image. If you are satisfy with the socks and would like to purchase it for $39.90, click on the Add to Cart button and follow the instructions to place an order.

Custom Nike Elite socks

Custom Nike Elite Socks

In a nutshell, customize your own Nike Elite socks are something fun to do especially on your free time. It is not necessary to buy it after your customize it online. Last but not least, please learn how to wash Nike Elite socks. Follow the correct ways to wash it otherwise your purple Nike Elite socks might turn to white. So, couldn’t wait to design one by you right away?